First Tutorial is up!


Narrators are critical to the success of Campfire. Why? They are the ones who choose to host a game, invite their friends, and make popcorn (popcorn is also critical). Obviously, everything starts with the Narrator.

So it makes sense that we are placing a strong emphasis on supporting, and building up our Narrators. Today, we put up that first support in the form a tutorial video teaching Narrator's how to register with Campfire, how to buy a world, and how to select a story to play.

It's live on YouTube and on Facebook right now, so go check it out. And if you want to help us build our community of Narrators, leave a comment, or ask a question.

Keep an eye out for some more news and content coming soon. We should have another tutorial video up and available soon. And we are planning another test game this weekend with a novice Narrator! Look for the blog post recapping that game soon.

Thanks everyone!

Eddy Abraham