Another test game under our belt


Hi folks,

I'm thrilled to report that another very successful test game has been completed. The episode was "Tides of Blood" and the Players DID catch the murderer, but only just barely. A few new innovations were deployed with great success and we confirmed that we are achieving one of key goals.

First off, we deployed our online character sheets for the first time. These are now available for anyone to use, and they worked pretty well. We did get some feedback on how to improve them, and those improvements are now in place. One great thing about the online character sheets is that you get to enjoy the character pictures in their full colour glory! Huge thank to Filis Ann Ozkurdum for these amazingly designed character images. Another positive of moving to online character sheets is that we have more room to expand on character backstories. And indeed, we are doing that as we speak. Join the conversation on Facebook, where we are working as a community of Narrators to build out more fun details in each player character's (PC's) backstory.

Even better was the performance of our novice Narrator! We specifically selected a person who had never been an RPG dungeon master before, and indeed had only ever played one RPG in her life (the previous Campfire test game)! You don't get much more novice than that. The reason we set it up this way is because one of our goals is to ensure that a novice Narrator can get up and running with minimal training, and still deliver an experience that is fun for everyone. And you know what? It worked. It worked REALLY well. I'm so proud of our Narrator. She not only did an amazing job delivering the story, improvising, and rolling with a bunch of unexpected Player actions, but she and everyone else had a ton of fun doing it. This gives me great confidence that Campfire is a highly usable app (bugs not withstanding).

Can't wait to get more test games completed, and we're moving towards a "beta-launch" very soon.

I'm also currently working on a new episode called "Loose Ends" which will include new twists and a more complex mystery to continue challenging our Players. Look for that soon!

Meanwhile, join the Facebook group for the latest news, and to participate in the growing community of Campfire Narrators.

Eddy Abraham