Pre-pre-very-preliminary-mostly-for-early-adopters-alpha release is nearly here


This has to be my favourite milestone for a new product. Is it done? Nope. Is it presentable. Whoa nelly, nope. Is it functional. Kind of. Is it minimal and viable? Mmmm, barely. Barely. :)

My test group of early adopters assure me that I'm being far too pessimistic. According to them it's working fine, it's got great stories, and it's genuinely fulfilling a need they have for short, fun-to-play, easy-to-learn tabletop RPGs. And you know what? That's awesome.

I've got big dreams for the future of this product, but I'm also very happy to have reached the point where we're ready to launch for paying customers.

Stay tuned in the next day or two for the big moment when we switch from the test server to the prod server. And then call up your friends and schedule a game. After all, I made this for you. ;)

Eddy Abraham