In the Gilded Age of the late 19th century everything seems possible.

New wonders of art, science, and technology appear every day. But there are also new chances for mischief and murder.
Join a crack team of investigators using the latest advances to solve the most dastardly crimes. Search for clues. Deduce the means, motive, and opportunity for each crime.
Identify your suspect and make your accusation. But don't delay. Every minute that ticks by the murderer slips further from your grasp.


"Age of Mystery" features a memorable cast of playable characters. Who will you play?

Charlotte (radial).png

Charlotte Maxwell is a driven and ingenious investigator with a passion for the latest scientific techniques and gadgets. She's the one collecting samples in test tubes and analyzing them with a portable laboratory she carries in her briefcase. She also keeps around a few prepared mixtures that smoke, explode, or release a blinding flash.


The epitome of the gentleman detective, Horatio Walterson is a smart, well-dressed, and capable in a fight. He relies almost entirely on observation and deduction to solve cases. His hobby is the use and maintenance of the newest pistols, his current favourite being a slim and deadly six-shooter.

Harriet gradient.png

Dr. Harriet Lamonde is a sharp witted, observant investigator with an aptitude for all things medical. Whether it's determining time of death, or performing emergency surgery, she's got you covered. She's also trained in several forms of hand to hand combat which make her deadly to cross, even (maybe especially) after she's had a few drinks.


Jack Sawdust has spent most of his life on the wrong side of the law and only recently turned his skills with a short blade, and his knack for tracking down leads to the purpose of solving crimes rather than committing them.

Enrico (radial).png

A fugitive Cuban spy with a mysterious past, Enrico Manuel is a master of shadows, espionage, and deception. His disguise repertoire is endless, as is his capacity for lies. He works equally well on counter-espionage up to and including the use of his deadly garrote.