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Eigen Traxby was born and raised on Neptune's strange moon Triton at the very remote, frozen frontiers of human civilization.

They long dreamed of joining the Discovery Corps, reading about heroic adventures and idolizing the crews who periodically visited to upgrade or expand the Tritonian colony. But it is rare for a Tritonian to apply to the Discovery Corps Academy and when Eigen arrived they found themselves nearly alone and feeling very isolated. Though struggling to fit in and do well in school, they managed to just barely qualify for the Command graduate program, at the end of which they received the rank of Captain (probationary class).

Months passed following graduation and still no command opportunities were offered, until finally the SS Rustican was pulled out of mothballs. Now Captain Traxby is the leader of a motley crew of misfits and underachievers. Together, they roam the solar system carrying out some of the lowliest, most thankless tasks the Discovery Corps has to offer. Yet somehow, they always end up in the middle of the action and often end up saving the day.