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A fugitive Cuban spy with a mysterious past, Enrico is a master of shadows, espionage, and deception. He doesn't worry too much about keeping his investigations "legit", and has no qualms about using underhanded tactics to get results. At the end of the day, if a murderer is brought to justice, Enrico believes that the means justify the ends.

His disguise repertoire is endless. Enrico feels perfectly comfortable pretending to be someone else, and he can often put together a convincing disguise with just a few pieces of kit. Telling a convincing lie is second nature to him. And he has yet to meet a lock that he didn't want to pick. 

Enrico works equally well on counter-espionage up to and including the use of his deadly garrote. It takes a combination of two Actions to use, but if it works, it's an irresistible attack. To use the garrote, Enrico first rolls on Deception to sneak up behind his opponent (your Narrator will determine the required roll based on the context). After a successful Deception, Enrico deploys his garrote. At this point his victim has a chance to fight back, so Enrico must roll on Combat to see who gains the upper hand (again, the Narrator determines the required roll based on context). If Enrico is successful, he can strangle his victim into unconsciousness ... or worse.