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From a young age Hikaru Kato was drawn to chemistry, biology, and the medical sciences. He dreamed of becoming a doctor and gained admittance to a prestigious medical school on Earth. There he met the man of his dreams and everything seemed set for Kato to succeed in life.

But Kato has a dangerous hobby. He loves to use his skills and knowledge to dream up and manufacture experimental drugs. One night, when he found that he lacked the necessary equipment in his home lab, he made a trip to the medical school. This misuse of school facilities was promptly discovered and Kato was expelled. His boyfriend dumped him. And in a flash he had fallen to his lowest point.

He remained determined to practice medicine in some capacity, but the only place that would accept him after his disgrace was the Discovery Corp auxiliaries. He completed the medic program at the top of his class, but because of his history no commander would accept him.

Then along came the Rustican. At last he has found an assignment where he can practice medicine, and explore the bizarre and mysterious chemistry of other worlds.