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The epitome of the gentleman detective, Horatio Walterson is a smart, well-dressed, and capable in a fight. He relies almost entirely on observation and deduction to solve cases. However, when it comes to people, he is basically useless. His interviews often result in confusion, tears, and the occasional slap in the face.

His hobby is the use and maintenance of the newest pistols, his current favourite being a slim and deadly six-shooter which he carries with him in a discreet holster under his finely tailored jacket.

He also has the special instinct to know if there are any clues remaining in any given scene. To activate this gift, simply ask the the Narrator: "Do I sense any remaining clues in this scene?" The Narrator will simply answer "Yes" or "No". Knowing there are clues remaining doesn't mean Horatio can always find them. Finding clues is still based on the "Search" roll, and if he rolls poorly he won't find them. But others Characters might find them. Or perhaps Horatio simply needs to walk away, come back later, and try again.

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