Many Worlds

Many Worlds

Campfire is a platform that features many RPG worlds. Learn more about them below and find the adventure that's right for you and your friends.

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Age of Mystery

In the Gilded Age of the late 19th century everything seems possible.

New wonders of art, science, and technology appear every day. But there are also new chances for mischief and murder.

Join a crack team of investigators using the latest advances to solve the most dastardly crimes. Search for clues. Deduce the means, motive, and opportunity for each crime.

Identify your suspect and make your accusation. But don't delay. Every minute that ticks by the murderer slips further from your grasp.


Adventures of the SS Rustican

The year is 2525 and human civilization has reached to the very edges of the solar system. A fleet of cutting-edge spacecraft known as the Discovery Corps leads the way.

While other crews in the Corps are pushing forward the frontiers of science, establishing colonies, and defending against myriad threats, the crew of the SS Rustican (and its misfit crew) is meant to be doing the less glamorous work of a solar civilization.

Still they always seem to end up in the middle of the action, much to the chagrin of their well heeled comrades.


Survival nights

It's been years since the undead came swarming over our cities, devouring our lives and leaving nothing behind. Ever since then it's been a constant struggle to survive.

Our only respite comes during the day when they avoid the sunlight, but every night they seek us out and attack with reckless abandon.

The only purpose we know now is to collect what supplies we can by day, fortify our shelter, and fight off the horde by night.