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Zob was onboard the Rustican when it was finally retired to the Discovery Corps junkyard. None of the crew at the time knew who he really was. He wasn't officially part of the crew. He didn't appear in the ship's personnel list. And there was no record of him at the Discovery Corps Academy. Yet, the crew knew the old man had been serving on the ship longer than anyone else.

When the Rustican was finally retired after a long service Zob lingered at the junkyard, never straying far from his beloved ship. He picked up odd jobs tinkering with station systems, sweeping corridors, or cleaning windows ... anything that would bring him down to the lower berth where the Rustican sat idle, waiting to be stripped for parts or melted down and recycled.

Then word came that a new crew was on the way to re-commission the Rustican for a temporary mission. Zob recognizes destiny when it calls, and he never fails to answer. He prepared to return by gathering up his meager belongings and sneaking his way into the Rustican briefing.